How to Sustain Financial Flexibility Moving Forward


Money should never be the objective of your life. It should only be an instrument to help you achieve your dreams. But with that in mind, you should never be careless with your finances in order to maintain your success and flexibility in the future.

Preparing a budget is a time and tested solution to any financial woes. It helps you gauge if you are spending more than what you are earning. Through this you will also determine if you are saving enough for your goals, both short term and long term.

The safety of an emergency fund

No one wants an emergency situation. But it happens in life. An emergency fund helps you stay afloat should an unforeseeable event pops up such as job loss, death in the family, natural calamity and the likes.

This fund will serve as a safety net for these situations. This should be equivalent to at least three to five months worth of your salary. The best-case scenario is that you never have to use this fund at all. But it pays to be prepared.

Tracking your finances

When you blindly spend your money and don’t even read your billing statements (especially credit cards), you run the risk of getting blindsided with your finances. Keep tabs of your spending routine.

Maybe there are some purchases that count as luxuries and not as necessities. If you become more practical in your approach, you may just be able to save a significant amount.

And always remember, any amount will still not count as savings unless it is safe in a savings account.

Manage your credit card usage

A credit card is not necessarily a good or bad thing. It all depends on who is using it. If it can be used on all purchases and paid promptly on time every month, you can reap various points and rewards for its usage. With the emergence of technology, a credit card is also very useful for digital transactions.

But if you don’t have enough finances to pay off your credit card bill, you will probably end up stuck in debt with continuous finance charges and interest rates.

Simply be honest about your situation if you can manage your credit card. The rule of thumb is that if you don’t have finances devoted for your credit bill, don’t keep on swiping your plastic card for transactions.

The importance of goals

A goal in mind helps set a vision for your future. This is true for finances as well. If you wish to set up financial goals, make sure these are realistic and attainable so that you will have more motivation to work hard for these.

Don’t forget to invest in yourself as well. You’re working hard and it’s only right to devote your hard earned pay for your recreation and relaxation. Also at the end of every day, it should be your objective as well to save a fraction of your earnings for your retirement.

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What you can learn From Successful People

We are all humans and makes mistakes. Successful people identify their mistakes, learn from it and never repeat the same mistake again. That is what you need to do to improve your life. Bringing a positive change in your life might look like a daunting task, especially when you are surrounded by bad habits but it can be made relatively easy.

Make the Most of the Resources you have

You will not need unlimited resources to bring improvements in your life. You can achieve your goal by making the most of the resources you have. All you have to do is concentrate on the resources you possess and utilizing it. Do not waste your time running after acquiring more resources.

Make S.M.A.R.T Goals

Another common trait in many successful people is that they set S.M.A.R.T goals and pursue them. S.M.A.R.T stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. When you pursue S.M.A.R.T goals, you prioritize the goals and keep your motivation level up. This makes any task you do more efficient and effective.

Stay Away From Procrastination

It is time to make a move and take action. Do not leave today’s task for tomorrow. It is a bad habit that leads to failure. When you delay a task, it becomes more difficult for you to complete it later. Even a simple task will become daunting once you tackle it in the future. As such, avoid procrastination, because it is one of the major causes of a static life.

Take it to the “Next Level”

Look for inspirations in what you do. Whether you are a scientist or love art, you can easily find inspiration from the same domain. Additionally, you need strong willpower to drive you towards your goal. Aim to excel at whatever you do and make a name for yourself. Never get bogged down by negative comments and never give up. Respond to their negative comments with positive performance as it will eliminate the comments and give you a dose of motivation.

One Change per Day

Never try to bring numerous large changes in your life overnight, because it is not possible; accept this fact. It takes time and the best way to do this is by taking it one change at a time. Therefore, start with small changes, because many small changes in your life contribute to a big change. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to make small changes. Stick to this formula and it will not take long for you to be successful.

Ways to Boost Your Productivity


Whether you are at workplace or home, being productive in whatever you do is important in utilizing your time. Proper planning and focused efforts are essential elements of productivity. Improving your productivity is an evolutionary process and takes time so do not initially aim for perfection. Analyze and identify the aspects you can improve to enhance your productivity.

Here are some of the best ways to increase your productivity.

Make a To-Do List

Make a to-do list to keep track of the tasks you have to perform. It is one of the first steps you should take to boost your productivity. Many websites make it easier for you to manage your tasks and prepare your to-do list.

Try breaking a large task into many smaller ones to make it more manageable. Prioritize the tasks by looking at the deadline on the to-do list and allot time to each task accordingly.

Avoid Distractions

One of the main culprits stopping you from being productive is distractions. Distractions will put you off your target. Spending too much time on social media and other similar sites will decrease your productivity.

In essence, disconnect yourself from other tasks to focus on the task that really matters. However, if you cannot do that, minimize the time you spend on internet and TV. Whether you are an employee or a student, staying away from these distractions will bring positive changes in your performance.

Set Ambitious yet Realistic Goals

Setting yourself a very large and unrealistic target will decrease your chances of achieving the goal. Moreover, it will hurt your confidence and willpower in case you fail. Always set realistic goals that are achievable.

Set a deadline for your goal to avoid failure and careless attitude from creeping into your schedule. Setting specific goals and monitoring your progress is the right thing to do. Moreover, set different goals for both your personal and professional lives.

Seek Help

It is better to seek help than to waste your time trying to fix what you cannot. There is nothing wrong in asking for help because nobody is perfect. Seek help from your colleague, asking them to help you solve a problem you find tough to solve on your own.

Reward yourself Periodically

When you achieve a milestone, reward yourself with something you love. This will keep you motivated. If you do not reward yourself, you will ultimately lose your passion to achieve it. So, keep rewarding and motivating yourself. Take some time off, watch a movie or eat your favorite dish as a reward.

2015 Self Improvement Project


Every person in this world has strengths and weaknesses. A successful person is one who polishes their skills and builds on their strength. Work hard to minimize the effects of your weaknesses or completely getting rid of them altogether – This is what successful people do. The first thing you must do is to identify your strength and weaknesses.

When you know about your shortcomings, you can target them better. Your goal should be to strive to bring improvements in your life. This self-improvement phase continues throughout your life. There is always room for some improvements. You can start with smaller steps and then take it from there.

Here are some of the best ways in which you can improve your life.

Wake Up Early

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” The saying conveys one of the most important lessons you should follow throughout your life if you want to become a successful person. Sleeping helps you gain more time during the day, allowing you to be more productive than those who wake up late.

Read a Book

Books are source of wisdom so the more you read, the more knowledge you will acquire. A good book will bring a positive change in your life as you discover new things.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language will add a new skill to your repertoire and will prove to be a unique experience. With internet and mobile apps on your side, you can easily learn a new language. You can easily communicate with others and it will help you know about different cultures. Choose a language you want to learn and get started.

Get Rid of the Shell

You should get out of your comfort zone and discover the world outside. You will be exposed to different situations and face different circumstances that will teach you some new lessons. Staying confined to your shell will take you nowhere. Break the routine and try to do something different.

Avoid Negative People

Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people as this will infuse positivity in you. Try to look at the positive aspects of everything. Avoid negative and pessimist people as much as possible and never react to what they have to say. It might not be easy because you might find such people everywhere you go. Learn how to deal with such people if you cannot avoid them.