Why Traveling is Awesome


Who doesn’t want to travel the world and experience different cultures?

All of us have a bucket list of places to visit before we reach a certain age, or before we die. While we go on with our daily lives, we painstakingly save up for our dream destinations, and often find ourselves checking them off of our list, one after another.

Travel offers priceless experiences that we wouldn’t exchange for the world. Not only does it give us the respite we need from life’s daily hustle and bustle, but it also makes us appreciate life in general. When we travel, we see people and things in a different light. We see meaning in nature, and begin to realize how everything on earth is interconnected. We learn to empathize with everyone else. Simply put, travel widens our horizon and makes us the well-rounded individuals people gravitate towards.

To those planning to put off traveling, here are five reasons why you should start now while you can:


What’s a better way to build your confidence than losing and finding your way back to your hotel? You meet all sorts of people along the way – good and bad, young and old. You learn the art of talking to strangers, and become more confident at it. You conquer your fear of the unknown, and begin to trust your abilities to handle things positively regardless of the situation.


There will be instances when you have to deal with delayed or missed flights, food you can barely ingest, wrong train rides and other instances that make you feel down. You can’t give up. You can’t be the whiny little kid you used to be, because no one is going to feel for you and save you. You pull yourself up and adapt your plans to the given circumstance. As you go on, you realize you’re getting better and better at blending in.


When you’re out on the streets, you realize the only things you actually need. You learn that most of the expensive stuff you plan to purchase are not really essential, and won’t help you live a meaningful life. You learn to stick with the basics and become less materialistic.

Street Smarts

When you travel alone, you challenge yourself to last multiple days in a foreign place without any untoward incident happening to you. You get an idea on how people live their lives, and try to think and do things like a local. You familiarize yourself with the surroundings and just enjoy the overall experience. That is not something you can derive from schoolbooks, and can only be learned when you move out of your comfort zone.


With all the new things you learn and experience when you travel, how can you not be happy? You get to do things you’ve only thought of a few years back. You get to witness tourist spots, festivals and adventures you’ve only seen on internet galleries. For the most part, the different kind of fulfillment makes you grateful and happy at the same time.