Living a Healthy, Emotionally Balanced Life

13.pic Don’t you just envy people who can keep it all together in the face of difficulties? How are they able to handle life’s challenges – effortlessly, at that? The answer is quite simple: they have learned to live a healthy, emotionally balanced life.

Emotionally healthy people are in control of how they feel and how they behave. They have learned to confidently handle difficulties, recover from failures, and build strong interpersonal relationships along the way. Nonetheless, just as being physically healthy requires serious effort, so does being emotionally and mentally sound. People who are continuously working on their emotional well-being find it a rewa14.picrding experience to do so. Slowly, they see how it adds to the general enjoyment of their life. It impacts positively on all aspects, from simply boosting their mood, to building resilience in times of adversities.

Having a healthy and emotionally balanced life does not necessitate winning the lottery, getting a prestigious award at work, a fancy sports car or any drastic change in your current situation. What it actually takes is change in overall outlook and perspective – something anybody can do. It involves working on how you perceive yourself, your ability to manage emotions, build quality relationships and deal with challenging times. More than being free of psychological issues like anxiety or depression, it refers to having a positive attitude towards life.7.pic

The practice of resilience

It is inevitable for people to have negative feelings. All of us go through failures, frustrations, stress and unwanted changes every once in a while. The difference is how we face the whirlwind of emotions that come with these problems.

Emotionally healthy people have the capability to bounce back from negativities. They have their own coping mechanisms to ensure they maintain a positive stance in tough times. This is the value of resilience.

Improving your resilience starts with teaching yourself to balance negative and positive feelings. You should cultivate optimism, and try to stay focused so as not to get stuck in negative states of mind. It also helps to have a strong support group around you. Maintain a good relationship with your family and friends as they are the ones you turn to for encouragement whenever you feel down.

The need to be physically healthy

They say positivity starts when you feel good about yourself. There is truth to that as physical health is connected to emotional and mental well-being. In fact, working on your physical health is the crucial first stage in improving your general outlook. When you feel good about your body, it automatically follows that you feel good internally. When you exercise, you are not only strengthening your body muscles, but you also release positive hormones (endorphins) that help boost your mood.

Though it is not always easy to practice, it is important to take care of yourself to be emotionally and mentally sound. That includes getting enough nutrition, sleep and exercise, as these are all effective antidotes to depression. The more you condition yourself to eat and work out properly, the better you will feel about yourself.

Make Time for Health


People often complain about not being able to take care of their health. When asked about “ME” time routines, they often throw in on the table how they are so busy with their jobs, household chores and other aspects that contribute to their daily grind. They render overtime almost everyday during weekdays, leaving weekends just for sleeping and catching up on their favorite TV shows. People never ran out of excuses. But in reality, they don’t really exert much effort to listen to themselves and do some health check.

You might not realize it while you go on with your life, but spending time to get to know your body more is of extreme importance. In fact, it is just as important as family, work or school. It’s when you ditch using “there is not enough time” as excuse that you learn how to fully take control of your wellbeing. You get to eat properly and work out – two things that can effectively help you manage distractions and reduce stress.

Keen to get started? Here’s how:

  1. Plan out your exercise routine. Remember, your office planner is not just for work-related stuff. You can write anything down, including your diet and exercise routine. Allocate regular dates and time slots for working out. Since written notes are the best reminders, try to be as specific as possible. Write “1 ½ hour yoga session” or “1 hour brisk walk” than just “exercise.” And most importantly, treat these things like any other important meeting you simply cannot skip.
  1. Get yourself a workout pal, or attend gym sessions to get to know people. The thought of having someone waiting outside the door for you or expecting to see you in class keeps you on your toes. You wouldn’t want to let him or her down by blowing off your routine, so you keep up with it until it becomes a habit.
  1. Come up with a healthy meal plan. You probably have been missing mealtime every once and a while due to your hectic schedule. Note, however, that no mater how packed your day is, you need to eat a healthy and balanced meal three times everyday. For starters, prepare simple recipes and commit to eat them at the proper time. If possible, prepare big batches of meals at the start of the week to ensure you have healthy options on hand for quick grubs.
  1. Get enough sleep. The most common complaint by people nowadays is lack of sleep. Unfortunately, the less sleep you get, the more tired and stressed you become at the end of the day. To ensure a good night’s sleep, keep away from unnecessary distractions such as social media, computer games or late night phone calls.
  1. Learn to say no. Sometimes, it’s just too tempting to forgo your healthy habits for occasional booze and pig out sessions. When your friends, schoolmates or officemates invite you to something you do not really want to do or be involved in, there is nothing wrong with saying no upfront.

Maintaining Your Momentum: Health Tips to Keep Up Your Success


No matter how high your salary may be or how influential your job may have become, you can achieve nothing if your health is deteriorating. The old adage is really true: health is wealth. And it’s worth the investment.

If you really want to sustain the success you are enjoying, it pays to devote time for your overall health – not only the physical aspect but your emotional well being as well.

A holistic approach to health

For some, fitness is all about weight loss. But this is not a game of numbers involving how many kilograms you lost. For beginners, a healthy workout regimen should have the go signal from a medical professional. The program should also be at a pace that is comfortable for the person.

I recommend at least three 30-minute walks each week. This will help jumpstart the entire body for physical activity at a sustained and steady pace. When these walks become a part of a person’s routine, it will be easier to increase the physical challenge as days go by.

Muscle workouts

But although cardiovascular training is important, some fitness enthusiasts tend to ignore muscle-strengthening exercises. It pays to be familiar with the basic exercises that target vital muscle groups in the body. For instance, push-ups for the chest muscles, lunges for the legs, curls for the arms, sit-ups for the abdomen and deadlifts for the back muscles.

You don’t even have to purchase expensive gym equipment. Body weight exercises are effective because they engage muscle groups that way they should be used. Even in a bare room, anyone can perform these exercise sets. This is why some call these routines as prison workouts

But on the flipside, don’t get too caught up in muscle building. Some forget to devote a day for leg exercises and in the long run, this will cause an imbalance in one’s physique. The end result: huge upper body, tiny legs.

Healthy frame of mind

The health of your mind is as important as the state of your body. Sometimes, the confidence and peace of mind of a person can be reflected in his or her posture. Proper posture is essential. Pay attention to these minor details because this can reflect your personality.

Spend time with people who matter as well. Eating a healthy diet is vital but it is best to devote time to dine together with your friends and family. Never leave them out of your life and you’ll be surprised how much they can enrich your lifestyle.

While you’re at it, leave precious time to detach away from the hustle and bustle of technology. The irony of gadgets is that it may connect us to the entire world but at the same time it can make us lose sight of life.

Prioritizing your physical and mental health should be done at the soonest time possible. This will pay dividends for your continued success especially as you grow older in the future.

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Why You Must Live in the Present

An excess of anything is always bad. This holds true for some positive things such as financial planning. Many people might not believe it, but excessive planning can also ruin your life by stopping you from enjoying the present. People who think more about the past and future rarely live a happy life. Therefore, if you want to spend a happy life, do not think too much about the future; live in the present.

Each Moment is Precious

Life is short and you should not waste it thinking about what will happen in the future. Do not take happy moments for granted because you never know when the next happy moment will come. As such, when it comes, do not miss out.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your life, concentrate on the present. Plan for the future when needed, but learn to enjoy today as well.

Stress Reduction

Stress is one of the main reasons behind many diseases. One of the biggest advantages of living in the present is that you are free of stress and anxiety, making it great for your health and happiness. For example, over planning your future will increase the amount of stress you experience.

Identifying and analyzing your thoughts will help you for the future but also live in the present. As such, make a habit of working on present strategies and modify them into future ones.


When your stress and anxiety levels are down, you are one step closer to happiness. Thinking less about the future and concentrating on the current is the secret to happiness. If you do not believe me, you can apply it yourself and feel the difference.

Accept the present and relish it, because your plan might not work every time. Do not impede yourself from enjoying the joy of the present moment.

Greater Control

Living in the present is associated with greater control over life. The present is the only moment that you can change. In other words, it is the only thing you have control over. Future planning is good, but the future is uncertain and thus out of your control.

Whether you choose to cherish the present or choose to occupy yourself with future plans, remember that it is your choice. You cannot change the future with your plans, but you can try to do so by improving your present.

Affordable and Healthy Food to Maintain Your Health

Grocery expenses and household expenditures are a big chunk of your monthly budget. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can reduce the amount you spend on your food and live healthy at the same time. The secret lies in natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, poultry and various dairy products. Stay away from processed and canned foods, because they will keep you healthy and save you lots of money.

Here is a list of some of the foods that will keep you healthy on a budget.


“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Apples are loaded with vitamin C, which make your immune system stronger so it can fight against diseases in a better way to keep you healthy. It also contains antioxidants, fibers and fewer calories to keep you fit. Furthermore, it is cheap and easily available in the market. As such, make a habit of eating apples and keep various diseases at bay.


Another food that fits the bill when it comes to being frugal and healthy is bananas. If you are looking for lots of energy and potassium, there is nothing better than bananas. It contains many vital nutrients that will keep you going throughout the day.


A carrot is a vegetable that is both affordable and nutritious at the same time. Carrots contain many different vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It also contains a significant amount of fiber and folate. You can use it in many different ways. You can prepare a salad, add to soup or eat it raw; there is nothing better for blood production than carrots. Research has also shown that it can significantly improve your eyesight.


Tomatoes are easily available in every country and are quite inexpensive in most. Counted among one of the best foods for your skin, due to the presence of lycopene and carotene, the chemicals in tomatoes protect your skin from sun damage. Research has also proven that tomatoes significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


Many people consider milk effective at keeping you healthy, but do not rank yogurt in the same category. You will be surprise to know that yogurt contains most of the benefits of milk. Like milk, yoghurt is a rich source of calcium and excellent for making your bones stronger. Moreover, yogurt is rich in protein and has helpful bacteria that kill germs in your body. If you face stomach issues, enjoy some yogurt regularly and feel the difference.


If you have a heart condition, then doctors might have advised you to stay away from beef. However, this could lead to a protein deficiency in your body. If you do not find a suitable alternative to fill the gaps, caused by a lack of lean red meat in your diet, the situation might get worse. For many, lentils are the best alternative to beef and help you meet your daily protein needs. They are highly affordable, rich in antioxidants and keeps your hunger away.

How to Take Your Relationship to Next Level

There are many twists and turns in life that can leave a mark on your relationships. Wiping out that mark and bringing your relationship back to a level where it used to be is not easy, but not impossible either.Even if your relationship is becoming stronger with time, you can improve it further if you get to your partner even more.


Do not shy away from appreciating any good work done by your partner. If you feel that your partner did a good job, let them know what you think about it. Let the words do the talking. Giving due credit to your partner for the good work will improve your relationship.

Most importantly, make sure you mean what you say and be honest in praising your partner’s efforts. This will boost their morale and make your relationship rock solid.

Live in Present and Think for the Future

The strength of your bond with your partner is tested in tough times. Many fail to sustain the pressure and relationship ends. Many little grudges accumulate and burn your relationship to ashes. Avoid bringing up painful old memories, by living in the present and listening to what your partner has to say. If you neglect your partner, cracks in your relationship will widen and it may lead to a break up.

Focus on the Positives

One of the main reasons why relationships end is people starts to analyze negative aspects and events while completely neglecting the positives in the process. Remembering negative points every now and then will certainly damage your relationship.

Relive the memories of the quality time you spent with each other. Whenever a negative point comes to mind, put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Would you treat yourself as harshly as you treated your partner for the same mistake?

Say Sorry When It is Your Fault

There is nothing wrong in accepting your mistakes and apologizing for them. It is good for your relationship and makes it last longer. You have to show some flexibility and make compromises. A stiff approach will destroy your relationship quickly. Communicate with your partner regularly and do not let communication gaps creep in. No one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes, so let it go and move forward.