Curry Recipe

Easy Curry Recipe.

You will need package of Queen’s Curry/ curry package. I got mine at Galleria Korean Market in Santa Clara.


You can put whatever you would like in the curry. I wanted to use up my tofu and squash tonight.

I recommend you use onion, potatoes, carrots, and some protein such as chicken / beef/ shrimp.

  1. Cut the ingredients to bite sizes.

DSC01687 DSC01688

2. Heat a pot with oil and stir fry the ingredients. Add 2 cups of water and Seafood flavored sauce and cook until the ingredients are fully cooked.

DSC01689 DSC01690 DSC01691 DSC01692 DSC01693 DSC01694

3. Add Curry

DSC01696 DSC01697

4. Once the curry thickens, turn stove off.

5. Add Spicy Powder depending on your taste (I like my food really spicy).

DSC01698 DSC01699 DSC01700

Add delicious curry to top off a bowl of noodles or rice.


Queen’s Curry have other flavors.

They are good.

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