Giving Back: It’s Your Time

Started from the bottom, now you’re here.

You’re already here, and you’re celebrating. God knows how far you have come. Everybody saw how hard it was that you have undergone. Everybody saw how you started from scratch—literally from nothing—and how you tried so hard to stand up with your own feet, struggle, fall, and stand up once again.

And now, you’re here, and you realized that all the struggles were worth it. You’re now embracing the dreams you’ve always wanted to achieve. You’re now living the life you’ve always wanted to have.

And now that you’re here, ask yourself. Does it all end here?

Life After Struggle

They say every champion is once a beginner. Just the same in life, every successful person who is now living the life one has imagined once struggled and fought for one’s life. It wasn’t easy, going through all the ups and downs, all the highs and lows. It was a hard earned success.

You are now one of them: successful and deserving. Now, you have two options: either live a life of bed roses and enjoy heaven or do something worthwhile and help others with what you have.

It is always easy to choose the first one, to embrace success and forget about other people. You’ve been through a lot and you only deserve to enjoy everything that you have reaped. But if you think about it, you now have more than what you have hoped for. You now have more than what you need for your daily life. You now have more to share to others. The only question is, will you take the extra mile to do that?

On helping others

During your free time, go out and take a walk. Look around the community you have been living in but failed to observe because you were so busy making your life better. Only then will you realize how much other people needs help in whatever form. Only then will you be sensitive to the needs of others. You’d be surprised that there are families who don’t even have a roof to spend the cold night with. Some spend the rainy days with nothing in their stomachs and on their tables. Some kids cry in the middle of the night with no one to cling too. Old men and women walk blindly with no one to hold.

Many people are in need, and most of the time, it’s not about money. Sometimes, they only long for care and attention. They only want someone who’d give them time, listen to what they have in mind, and talk to them with their full attention on.

Most of the time, needy people don’t need money. They need love.

And you have all the love in the world to give back.

Why help?

Giving back to the community is everybody’s moral obligation. But more than responding to social responsibility, it is always good to share a piece of yourself to others. Doing something that will make a difference in the lives of people you don’t even know makes wonders. If help comes from the heart and if help doesn’t ask for anything in return, it makes you feel good. It’s like gaining instead of giving: gaining love from others and being a blessing to them is definitely one of the best feelings in the world.

So, why help? Here are a few things to ponder on:

  1. You once needed help. You know the feeling of needing somebody to lean on. You know that lacking feeling when you were just unable to acquire the things you desire and need. You once longed to have someone spend time with you and listen to you. Now, think about the lonely kids, homeless families, and depressed oldies. They need love. They need you.
  2. You have more to offer. Now that you are more established in life, you surely have more to give. Why not spare a little portion of what you have earned to those who have nothing at all?
  3. By helping others, you can make a difference. Imagine making a difference to the lives of people you don’t know just by making them smile at least once a day. You don’t need big efforts to be a miracle to others. You just have to create small things and efforts to, at least, brighten their days, keep them away from the loneliness they’ve been feeling, and to make them feel good and worthy. You’ll be surprised how good it feels when you see them smile.

Now, how do you help?

If you think you have to be rich in order to be able to give back to the community, you are wrong. You don’t need money, just a little time and a big heart. This is what you call volunteerism–your willingness to lend a hand even if you don’t have anything in return.

Here are a few things you can do as a volunteer:

  1. Give care to the sick. Take some time to visit a hospital. Bring flowers and balloons to them to remind them that they are important. Tell jokes to Cancer warriors and inspire them with good stories about battling the disease and surviving it. Help feed the old in the center and tell them how lucky the world is to have been graced by their wisdom. Assist parents of disabled children in their therapy.
  2. Spend time with the kids. Organize a children’s party in the orphanage. Teach them how to draw and make crafts. Read bedtime stories to them as they sleep. Give them small gifts that they will treasure in their lifetime.The Salvation Army
  3. Share what you have to the homeless community. It can be the extra bed sheets, pillows and blankets you have at home, or some extra clothes stuck in your closet. When doing the grocery, you might want to buy extra loaves of bread for those who have nothing to eat.

Serving Homeless

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

These are just little things you can do every single day, and you wouldn’t even feel like giving. Giving back to the community makes a difference to those who need time and affection. You’ve been there before. It’s now high time to give back.

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