Maintaining Your Momentum: Health Tips to Keep Up Your Success


No matter how high your salary may be or how influential your job may have become, you can achieve nothing if your health is deteriorating. The old adage is really true: health is wealth. And it’s worth the investment.

If you really want to sustain the success you are enjoying, it pays to devote time for your overall health – not only the physical aspect but your emotional well being as well.

A holistic approach to health

For some, fitness is all about weight loss. But this is not a game of numbers involving how many kilograms you lost. For beginners, a healthy workout regimen should have the go signal from a medical professional. The program should also be at a pace that is comfortable for the person.

I recommend at least three 30-minute walks each week. This will help jumpstart the entire body for physical activity at a sustained and steady pace. When these walks become a part of a person’s routine, it will be easier to increase the physical challenge as days go by.

Muscle workouts

But although cardiovascular training is important, some fitness enthusiasts tend to ignore muscle-strengthening exercises. It pays to be familiar with the basic exercises that target vital muscle groups in the body. For instance, push-ups for the chest muscles, lunges for the legs, curls for the arms, sit-ups for the abdomen and deadlifts for the back muscles.

You don’t even have to purchase expensive gym equipment. Body weight exercises are effective because they engage muscle groups that way they should be used. Even in a bare room, anyone can perform these exercise sets. This is why some call these routines as prison workouts

But on the flipside, don’t get too caught up in muscle building. Some forget to devote a day for leg exercises and in the long run, this will cause an imbalance in one’s physique. The end result: huge upper body, tiny legs.

Healthy frame of mind

The health of your mind is as important as the state of your body. Sometimes, the confidence and peace of mind of a person can be reflected in his or her posture. Proper posture is essential. Pay attention to these minor details because this can reflect your personality.

Spend time with people who matter as well. Eating a healthy diet is vital but it is best to devote time to dine together with your friends and family. Never leave them out of your life and you’ll be surprised how much they can enrich your lifestyle.

While you’re at it, leave precious time to detach away from the hustle and bustle of technology. The irony of gadgets is that it may connect us to the entire world but at the same time it can make us lose sight of life.

Prioritizing your physical and mental health should be done at the soonest time possible. This will pay dividends for your continued success especially as you grow older in the future.

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