Why You Must Live in the Present

An excess of anything is always bad. This holds true for some positive things such as financial planning. Many people might not believe it, but excessive planning can also ruin your life by stopping you from enjoying the present. People who think more about the past and future rarely live a happy life. Therefore, if you want to spend a happy life, do not think too much about the future; live in the present.

Each Moment is Precious

Life is short and you should not waste it thinking about what will happen in the future. Do not take happy moments for granted because you never know when the next happy moment will come. As such, when it comes, do not miss out.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your life, concentrate on the present. Plan for the future when needed, but learn to enjoy today as well.

Stress Reduction

Stress is one of the main reasons behind many diseases. One of the biggest advantages of living in the present is that you are free of stress and anxiety, making it great for your health and happiness. For example, over planning your future will increase the amount of stress you experience.

Identifying and analyzing your thoughts will help you for the future but also live in the present. As such, make a habit of working on present strategies and modify them into future ones.


When your stress and anxiety levels are down, you are one step closer to happiness. Thinking less about the future and concentrating on the current is the secret to happiness. If you do not believe me, you can apply it yourself and feel the difference.

Accept the present and relish it, because your plan might not work every time. Do not impede yourself from enjoying the joy of the present moment.

Greater Control

Living in the present is associated with greater control over life. The present is the only moment that you can change. In other words, it is the only thing you have control over. Future planning is good, but the future is uncertain and thus out of your control.

Whether you choose to cherish the present or choose to occupy yourself with future plans, remember that it is your choice. You cannot change the future with your plans, but you can try to do so by improving your present.

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